Stone Kawala

NEW ALBUM – ‘The Switch EP’ released on iTunes

Stone Kawala & Adamatic’s new joint album has officially been released on iTunes! ‘The Switch EP’, is a 6 track release that tells the story of SK’s switch from the “single life” to finding the woman of his dreams. The album is packed with eclectic urban pop bangers so check it out anywhere you buy music, or on YouTube, etc.

The first single, ‘I Want You & I Need You’ features a verse from renown Detroit vocalist/beat-boxer, Stevie Soul and guitar by Tony Benardo of Juneau Sky. Its surely a pop song at heart but also pays homage to the Go-Go music roots out of of Washington, D.C.

Listen to the first single, ‘I Want You & I Need You ft. Stevie Soul’ below…













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